Advanced Student Leadership is a diverse team working together!

DANIEL JOHNSON - djohnson@swlauriersb.qc.ca

Daniel Johnson is a behaviour specialist who is overseeing the development of the Advanced Student Leadership program for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. He has over 18 years of experience assisting in the growth of dynamic teams and student leaders through his work with schools and NGOs. Devoting his career to guiding youth in educational communities in Alberta and Québec, he has helped to engage them in leadership and active volunteerism in their own communities as well as around the world. He has worked for different television and media outlets throughout North America gaining skills in communication and he serves as a Reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces.



David is a history and citizenship teacher at Laval Senior Academy who has developed ASL leadership training and active community involvement since the program's inception. His experience as a teacher and community leader has given him unique skills to reach young people in their world and help them to develop a healthy, engaged and positive self and worldview as they become life-long contributing members to our community.


Paul is a Social Sciences teacher who not only works to transfers his love of history and politics to the next generation but to position students to effectively take on the responsibility for the world around them.


Max is a French language teacher that understands that the team's power and dynamic is rooted in good communication. In class Max fosters cooperative learning. Out of class Max works to build bridges between students to help them develop a broad understanding of their world with the ability to speak to it through a multitude of platforms.



Angelo is an E.R.C. teacher at Laval Junior Academy. He has been helping students develop a greater sense of self through his many roles as a mentor, spiritual animator, counselor for the air cadets, community youth group leader. Angelo has been overseeing and working to implement the active volunteerism and citizenship program at the junior high school level.


James is a physical education teacher at Laval Junior Academy. He has been building teams and helping students develop their talents, skills and interests through sport and community engagement. James understand the team and helps our young people build effective teams that impact the world around them. From coaching football and soccer he instills a sense of pride in the team you play for and reminds students how important it is to be a team player and a leader.


Mr. Ricci is a leadership concentration specialist at Laval Junior Academy. He has traveled in various regions of Africa with different organizations such as Scouts Canada to help impoverished communities by building sanitary stations, playground equipment and schools. He is able to articulate and impart his unique experiences and perspective on our world to students with the ultimate mission of making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Mr. Ricci strives to create a safe environment to allow students to possess the confidence and motivation to grow to their fullest potential. As a positive role model, he hopes to instill his students with the power to make the right decisions which will better themselves and the people around them.

Mr. Ricci believes that every great accomplishment in life starts with an idea through the eyes of a true leader; every one of these ideas being achievable with sufficient amounts of dedication. However to achieve these goals, we need to comprehend the essential steps involved to turn these ideas into realities. Mr. Ricci uses a variety of techniques to teach his students foundational leadership skills in hopes of providing his students with the tools necessary in order to achieve their dreams.

He is also a track and field specialist, as well as a multi instrumental musician who loves to create and compose his own tracks.



Sandra is a high school social studies teacher with a deep history in student leadership development. Sandra works to support various groups of student leaders at Joliette High School from Peer Advisors to Student Council. She also works with the Canadian Student Leadership Association and makes the Canadian Student Leadership Conference available to her leaders.


Ruby is the coordinator of the Joliette High school Community Learning Centre. She works to support and deepen the leadership competencies of the student leaders in the Joliette school community by making available learning opportunities and volunteer experiences.



Cheryl is a Spiritual Animator for the SWLSB and she works with young people as they pursue their academic and personal journey. Currently, Cheryl works with our elementary students at all our SWLSB schools in an effort to help students adjust to school life, develop healthy relationships, foster the development of a balanced well-being for success.

Helen is a CSSS consultant with SWLSB. Helen's focus is to promote and foster healthy movement and eating habits, as well as healthy relationships.

Together, Cheryl and Helen promote and lead many different student leadership initiatives, healthy lifestyle habits, anti-bullying, and prevention programs for our students.