"Get out of your comfort zones!

Explore the world around you!

Learn while walking in the shadow of a leader!

Experience the power of giving back!"


ASLeaders have the opportunity to participate in trips, adventures, service, and experiences that will stretch their minds, push their bodies, and feed their souls.

Some of the trips that we go on are elementary, junior and senior leadership development CAMPS. Come on local trips to meet with leaders in the Montreal region, Quebec City, Kingston, and Ottawa.

We go to the Disney Institute and take courses about active leadership and meaningful team work at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Students can go on our ALBERTA ROCKY MOUNTAIN ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY backpacking trip with our 3PPCLI partners.

They can come with us to COSTA RICA to study biodiversity, environmental stewardship, and to participate in humanitarian service with our Bri Bri partners at Akberie school. Pura Vida!

All of our camping and adventurous journey experiences are meant to push the boundaries on personal leadership development, expand the understanding of teamwork, challenge minds on discovery, and to go outside of our comfort zones.

Our trips support the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award program.

ASLeaders meet with Quebec's leaders on

at the National Assembly in Quebec City

with MNA Mr. Guy Ouellette.

You can see more on Facebook.

We are returning to the SWLSB Arundel Nature and Science Centre for ASLeadership training retreats.

Dates and trips will vary from campus to campus for grade 5/6, and for grades 7-11.

Information will be at participating campuses.




ASLeaders will be a part of a life changing experience as they learn about sustainability, participate in service with our BriBri partners at Akberie school, and live the Pura Vida life!

This trip is open to grade 10 and 11 students.

For more information on how you can join us please email:


ASLeaders will explore Disney insights that can help to transform the way that they think about their leadership abilities.

We are going to the Disney Institute to learn from a true global leader in

April 2019.

An information meeting will take place when we return to school for interested 2018/19 grade 8 students at Laval Junior Academy.

PURPOSE of the trip: To expose Advanced Student Leaders to top level leadership, business training and thinking by taking immersive leadership courses at the Disney Institute at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Learning Objectives:

After completing Disney Leadership Strategies, participants will be able to demonstrate leadership skills and the value of effective leadership by doing the following:

  • Articulate 3 distinct leadership styles and the primary strength of each
  • Articulate the relationship between Disney Cast Member excellence, Guest satisfaction and business results and its application to the SWLSB school community.
  • Discuss and demonstrate the benefits of employee training and development as a means of creating successful empowerment.
  • Discuss and demonstrate recognition and its value and its application to the SWLSB school community.
  • Articulate the role of communication in developing and implementing business objectives and its application to the SWLSB school community.
  • Demonstrate responsible leadership in service to team members within the SWLSB school community.

Anticipated dates? April 2019

Cost? We are in the process of confirming.

What is the next step? We will have a student and parent when we return to school.

More info? Get on the 'information list' by clicking here: ADD ME TO THE LIST


ASLeaders can come on a backing packing Rocky Mountain Adventure with our 3PPCLI partners over the summer.

"Challenge your mind, your body and the world around you!"

*This trip is tentatively scheduled after June exams in 2020

OTTAWA, Ontario

ASLeaders can travel to Ottawa on several different trips each year to meet with our federal leaders and to participate with our 3PPCLI family and Operation Veteran every Remembrance Day.


05:30 Meet at Laval Senior Academy

3200 souvenir for departure

(Tim Horton’s stop enroute – if time allows)

08:00- Arrive - Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel

Canadian War Museum’s OPERATION VETERAN event with schools from across Canada

This year’s (2018) educational topics will focus on the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War:


WWI: 100th Anniversary - Armistice, 11 November 1918 - subject: Last One Hundred Days Of The War: Dr Tim Cook

WWI: Canadian Nurses Association - to Honour their Sacrifices

WWI: ‘’ The Sinking of the Llandovery Castle, 1918 ‘’ : Nurses - Heroism. - presented by: The Study, Québec

WWI: Fallen to Remember

A) Sgt Hugh Cairns, VC, DCM; 46th Battalion (South Sask. Regiment) - last Canadian Victoria Cross awarded in WWI: KIA - 02 Nov 1918

B) Private George Lawrence Price; 28th Battalion (Sask. North West Regiment) - last soldier, British Commonwealth: KIA - 11 November 1918 at 10:58H.

WWI: ‘’ Two Minutes ‘’ song - composed and sung by students, George O’Neill Public School, Ontario. - subject: Why the two minutes …

WWII: 75th anniversary - Operation Husky: Mr Mark Zuehlke - subject: The Canadian Invasion of Sicily, July 10–August 7, 1943

10:15- CANADIAN NATIONAL CEREMONY as televised on all Canadian Television Networks

13:00 – Memorial Service with Veteran’s - PPCLI ASSOCIATION CEREMONY

Beechwood Cemetery: 761 Hemlock Rd Ottawa, ON K1K 0K6


16:00 Supper

Students will have supervised access to the Rideau Centre food court for supper.

Rideau Centre: 50 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9J7

19:30-20:00 (depending on traffic)

Return for pick up at Laval Senior Academy

CANOE trips & OUTDOOR Adventures.

ASLeaders can also sign up for our Duke of Edinburgh's International Award canoe trip and outdoor adventurous journeys that take place at different times of the year and in different locations in Eastern Canada.

HUNTSMAN Science and Sustainability trip

Every other year ASLeaders who are excited about science and exploration can go on our Laval Senior Academy Marine Biology trip to New Brunswick.

*Tentatively scheduled for 2020

DUKE OF EDINBURGH'S INTERNATIONAL AWARD - Citizenship recognition partner (click to find out more)