Leaving Tread Marks

Learning to lead and stories from the trail.

Short podcast episodes to engage and inspire!

LEAVING TREAD MARKS is a platform for students to engage in the world around them in a meaningful way.

Join ASLeaders as they walk in the shadow of today's leaders.

Journey with us to Ottawa, Quebec City, Costa Rica, Walt Disney World, the Rocky Mountains and more.

Learn with us as ASLeaders do incredible things to have a positive impact while connect what they are learning in the classroom to the 'real' world.

Welcome to the journey! (6:46 min)

Daniel Johnson and David Rossi outline how Advanced Student Leaders are Leaving Tread Marks as they take ownership of our world.

ASLeaders changing the world. (7:51)

Join grade 11 student, Huda, as she learns more about Ahmed, a fellow ASLeader, who has worked with refugees coming into Canada and gave an inspirational TEDx Youth Laval talk last spring.

Evelyne walks with global trailblazers! (10:01)

Evelyn spent time with women who are leading the way in the global IT community.

Join her as she interviews Trish following a 'Women in IT' conference held at Insight Canada in Montreal, Quebec.

Suzanne Gagliese, Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft

Dee Ann Lama, Vice President Sales, Cisco

Trish O’Keeffe, Senior Manager, Insight Canada Inc.

Jenny Dho, Vice President Sales, WSP Global

Alexia finds out why Pierce shaved his head for breast cancer. (3:33)

Grade 6 students at Souvenir Elementary, Alexia and Pierce, have been on a journey learning about how an alumni started a breast cancer charity called Pink In The City.

At our MUHC hospital fundraiser for Pink In The City, called Raise Craze, Pierce shaved his head. Alexia finds out why...

What does it take to lead a student body? Part 1 (13:50)

Leo talks with Huda, who is a Laval Senior Academy's Student Council representative, and Vanessa, who is an ASLeadership alumni and President of the Vanier College, Student Association.

All three are learning about using leadership opportunities to help others.

Episode 6: LIVE from Raise Craze - Turning compassion into action! (15:29)

Live from Pink In The City's (PitC) annual fundraiser called Raise Craze.

Tiffany and Anastasia interview Elias, a fellow student, who shaved his head and became a PINK Champion!

Tiffany speaks with the founder of PitC, alumnus Lawrence Vourtzoumis.

Abegayle speaks with Dr. Karatzios about why he shaved his head.

Brandon spends time with breast cancer patient Deborah Bridgeman.

Pink In The City is a student created charity that supports the breast cancer clinic at our MUHC hospital and gives 100% of what is raised.

These ASLeaders attend Laval Junior Academy and Laval Senior Academy.

Episode 7: Olivia talks with her Dad about the military and family. (5:30)

Olivia's Dad served 30 years in the Canadian Armed Forces in different capacities and on different deployments.

Being a military family is a different way of life. Olivia and Mr. Hebert give us a glimpse of some of the challenges and balance required when dedicated to service to our country. A reality for families in our school board.

Episode 8: Alexia talks with Captain Kimball about Remembrance Day and leadership. (12:13)

Captain Kimball is a leader that has served overseas, serves with PPCLI, and he oversees training at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Alexia is in grade 6 at Souvenir Elementary school and she has helped to oversee her schools’ Remembrance Day ceremonies.


Learning to lead and stories from the trail.