Model The Way

“Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Leading by example or leading from the front at home, school, and in the community for the benefit and elevation of others is the central theme of Model The Way.

Model The Way (MTW) is leadership in service. ASLeaders Model The Way by helping members of our community and taking ownership for our environment and well-being in all aspects of our school communities.

"Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

CITIZENSHIP - Model The Way in motion

Citizenship is volunteering in our community that takes place in different formats in different campuses.

Each year students are given the opportunity to give of their time to change the world around them by volunteering in the school and community. In order to do this, the student must choose an activity which stimulates their interest. Citizenship is leadership in service that benefits a person or community, is not for monetary gain, and not for course credit.

At LJA and LSA students can record their hours in their Student Agenda.

The annual Citizenship Honours ceremony in May is our time to honour the impact that our students are having at home and around the world.


2013 Citizenship Honours Ceremony Program at LLHS:

MENTORSHIP - Model The Way in motion

The final phase of ASLeadership training is mentoring.

Mentors work with other leaders and reinvest in the development of the team. Mentors work with elementary school, junior and fellow high school students.

Mentors are also community members and alumni who work with our Phase 5 ASLeaders in grade 11.


ASLeaders have the opportunity to participate in trips, adventures, service, and experiences that will stretch their minds, push their bodies, and feed their souls.

Some of the trips that we go on are junior and senior leadership development CAMPS, local trips to meet with leaders in the Montreal region, Quebec City, Kingston, and Ottawa. Students can go on our ALBERTA ROCKY MOUNTAIN backpacking adventurous journey. They can come with us to COSTA RICA to study biodiversity, environmental stewardship, and to participate in humanitarian service with our Bri Bri partners at Akberie school. Pura Vida!


One example of Model The Way. PitC was founded by one of graduates with his family, Lawrence Vourtzoumis, and has bloomed into an important charity that raises awareness and funds to buy diagnostic equipment at the MUHC Breast Cancer Clinic.

Students participate in all aspects of the initiative from learning, to doing, to following through as they meet the researchers and doctors directly implicated.

VIDEO: Breakfast Television Montreal:


"School is meaningful when you are changing the world."

In 2009 Mrs. Angela Kallianiotis's high school Social Studies classroom started an exceptional project named Learners Without Borders. Students were being taught about the challenges faced by African people, including lack of safe drinking water, no basic shelter and child abuse. As the awareness grew, the students became more interested. Together the teacher and students felt a need to reach out and help these less fortunate people live a better life.

"Learners Without Borders is an educational project that shows how a group of dedicated students is able to transform the world one community at a time."

Students can play an important role in the development of this project by spreading awareness and educating society on the struggles of the African people. Learners Without Borders gives students opportunities to express themselves and their talent, while spreading the word about the project. Students work together at the LSA Corner Store and on a variety of other events, Learners Without Borders has a place for everyone.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL AWARD - Citizenship recognition partner (click to find out more)


Laval Alumni Association at LSA

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Are you an alumni that is working with students or other alumni now?

Our goal is to bring together all graduates of our SWLSB high schools in Laval in order to celebrate and honour what you are doing now and to provide opportunities for our current students to walk for a moment in your shadow.

In order to become a member of The Blue Key Society you must be a SWLSB Laval school graduate: (diploma, leaving certificate, etc.)

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