Pink In The City


PINK CHAMPIONS are the brave students and community members who are willing to cut and donate at least 8cm of their hair or shave their heads at Raise Craze in October 2021 and at Jules Verne and Souvenir elementary Schools in the spring.

A PINK CHAMPION can be any age. They set their fundraising goals and our ASL teams work to support them.

There are 3 ways to raise awareness and money for our MUHC breast cancer clinic.

  1. Shave your head.

  2. Cut your hair and donate it for wig making.

  3. Spray your hair PINK for a donation of $20.

Pink in the City’s annual Raise Craze - YouTube (360p).mp4

"A student created charity that supports the breast cancer clinic at our MUHC Hospital and gives 100% of what is raised."


Enhance your STEM skills and have health science experiences that are unlike any other while you help support people who need it.

Student Leaders create an engaging head shaving and fundraising experience at the MUHC in October for schools throughout the SWLSB.

Become a PINK CHAMPION to raise awareness and funds for Pink In The City.

Dr. Sarkis Meterissian, surgical oncologist and the Director of the Breast Cancer Clinic has pledged to raise $100,000 for the Breast Cancer Clinic.

All of the donations will benefit the Breast Clinic’s Wellness Program at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), which offers every breast cancer patient free access to services —from nutrition advice to counselling— to return to happy, healthy lives following treatment. If he meets or surpasses his fundraising goal, Dr. Meterissian will shave his head in October!

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Pink In The City recognizes student leaders annually at the Model The Way Honours held at Cineplex in Laval, Quebec.

Each honour is dedicated to and named after a breast cancer survivor from our community.

Each recipient is leader in their school community.

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Pink In The City est un organisme de bienfaisance créé par des étudiants qui amasse des fonds pour la clinique de traitement du cancer du sein de notre hôpital du CUSM et donne 100% de ce qui a été amassé. Les étudiants recueillent des fonds pour ouvrir un nouveau programme de santé et de bien-être à la clinique du cancer du sein du CUSM!

RAISE CRAZE Le octobre 2020, les têtes seront rasées!

Les cheveux seront coupés!

Nous nous lèverons dans un effort pour créer un nouveau programme de santé et de bien-être à la clinique du cancer du sein du CUSM par le biais de Pink In The City.

Les écoles sont invitées à apporter leurs cours de 6e année au CUSM pour les voir et les découvrir.

Rencontrez Lawrence qui a commencé Pink In The City quand il était à l'école primaire Souvenir.

Écoutez l'équipe du CUSM et une survivante du cancer du sein pour en apprendre davantage sur le diagnostic, le traitement et la guérison du cancer du sein.

Touchez l'équipement que Pink In The City a acheté pour la clinique du cancer du sein.

Découvrez le nouveau programme de santé et de bien-être prévu.

Voir les gens prendre des mesures en ayant les cheveux coupés et la tête rasée!

Impliquez-vous en ayant vos cheveux tressés ou une extension rose pour 5 $ ou un don en faveur de Pink!

En savoir plus sur ce qui arrive aux cheveux qui sont donnés directement par les fabricants de perruques.

Mangez des gaufres gratuites!

Soyez inspiré pour continuer à faire la différence dans votre école et votre communauté!

Pink In The City is a student created charity that supports the breast cancer clinic at the MUHC and gives 100% of what is raised to the cause.

Students are raising funds to open a new HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRE at the MUHC breast cancer clinic!

Hair will be cut!

We will stand up in an effort to create a new HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRE at the breast cancer clinic at the MUHC through Pink In The City.

Schools are invited to bring their grade 6 classes to the MUHC to see and to discover from 9:00-13:00.

· Meet Lawrence who started Pink In The City when he was in elementary school at Souvenir.

· Hear from the doctors and the team to learn about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and healing.

· Touch the equipment that Pink In The City has purchased for the breast cancer clinic.

· Discover the new Health and Wellness Centre being planned.

· See people taking action by having their Hair cut and heads shaved!

· Learn about what happens to the hair that is donated directly from the wig makers.

Be inspired to continue making a difference in your school and community!!


Angel Pastis & Makarios-Dionysius Pastis

Angel Pink In the City.mp4

My name is Angel Pastis, I am a leadership alumni and have been volunteering with Pink in the City for approximately three years. Working with this organization has allowed me to better understand what cancer is and how widespread this disease is.

My little brother Makarios-Dionysius Pastis, who is 6 years old has been growing his hair since birth and decided to cut his hair to donate and raise awareness.

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people across the globe. This particular disease has affected our family very hard. My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer approximately 5 years ago, she just turned 82 years old and is still fighting the cancer and is in good spirits knowing that our entire family is on her side.

Thankfully Makarios was given the chance to meet our grandmother but sadly was not as lucky with our grandfather. My grandfather passed away in 2011 due to prostate cancer. He was never given the chance to love and cherish his grandson the way he did for me and my family. This is why on June 10th, 2020 when Makarios turned 6 years old he decided he wanted to cut his hair and donate it in honour of my grandfather Elias Pastis.

Your donations will support the wellness program at the MUHC hospital. This program is used for patients that require services post-surgery, remember every little bit counts and together we can make a difference.

On behalf of both Makarios and I, we thank you for all your support!!

I have seen first hand how our actions and collaboration of community efforts positively impacts patient diagnosis, treatment and healing. Nothing makes me more proud than to see how our fundraising efforts has supported the purchase of medical equipment and programs that make all the difference.

Please share our message to continue to raise awareness that strong supportive communities takes each one of us to inspire others.

Marilena Papadopoulos

Marilena Thank you

You always have the opportunity and power to change the world if you are listening effectively and willing to act.

Marilena is cutting and donating her hair with Pink In The City because one of her students at St. Agathe Academy asked her if she would donate her hair to help make a wig for his mom who will be going through breast cancer treatment.

Marilena is a student leadership alumni who answered this call in an incredible way.

Over $9000 raised!! Thank you!