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COVID fatigue is something many of us are dealing with as we continue to navigate the global pandemic. Leadership Week is about supporting, lifting up, and inspiring students to enhance their health and resiliency.

We want to encourage and inspire you to provide COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP through challenging times.


-Jasey-Jay Anderson-

Jasey-Jay Anderson is a SLWSB alumni and he is Canada's most decorated snowboarder having achieved a World Championship gold medal in all 3 slalom events over his career, and an Olympic gold medal in parallel giant slalom.

Jasey-Jay sis also an entrepreneur for his own ski and snowboard company.

Take the LEADERSHIP Challenge

Host of The Kelly Alexander Show and voice of Montreal on Virgin Radio and CJAD. Kelly is a martial arts enthusiast (she is fourth dan blackbelt) and a leader in Montreal.

Kelly is a SWLSB alumni and a partner of student leadership development.

Courageous leadership.

Leadership is not about being up front.

Leadership is about taking initiative to make a difference and enabling others to do the same!

A variety of different leadership and mindfulness lessons will be released every day from April 19 to April 23rd right here.

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  1. Watch the video.

  2. Do the activity.

  3. Make a difference.

Invitation to Families

Geoff Leadership Week 2021.mp4
AL Final Leadership Week 2021.mp4


Are you willing to take the next step in your leadership journey?



Grades 5/6

Draw a picture that encourages other students to lead and to make a difference in their community.

  • Green initiative.

  • Take care of others.

  • A person or people who inspire you.

  • Places, etc.

Be inspired!

Prizes for Elementary and Secondary:

- 3rd place : 20$ gift card

- 2nd place : 35$ gift card

- 1st place : 50$ gift card


Secondary & Adult Ed.

Use a phone or other digital device and capture an image that can communicate HOPE during a challenging time.

Use your imagination and be creative.

Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey will pick 3 winners for each category and announce the winners on April 30.

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Leadership Week is organized by PSD Spiritual Animators, as a virtual SWLSB Leadership Week for all students from elementary, secondary and adult education and vocational training.

Leadership Week is about supporting, lifting up, and inspiring students to enhance wellness and resiliency, as they continue to navigate this global pandemic. We want to encourage and inspire students to make things better for themselves, for others and for their communities.