HOW TO APPLY 2023/24


TOOL: Template and Guide. (The questions vary slightly year to year).

Staff will need to copy and paste from the template to the OSE portal before the deadline.

Take pictures, make a website and/or videos.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

OSEntreprende CHALLENGE – MEASURE 15111

SWLSB expenditure guidelines Volet 1 & 2

The Scholastic section of the OSEntreprendre Challenge supports the development of the spirit of entrepreneurship by shining the spotlight on students who carry out entrepreneurial initiatives.


Measure 15111 – The spirit of entrepreneurship

Volet 1 – Entrepreneurial experimentation

Volet 1 of measure 15111 provides support for experimentation projects so a spirit of entrepreneurship is developed in general education in the youth sector and in adult general education. The allocations are awarded, for the current school year, to school service centres and school boards under the operating budget rules.


Measure 15111 – The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Volet 2 – Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit in elementary and secondary schools and in adult education centres

Volet 2 of measure 15111 allows educational organizations to be financially supported for the development of activities encouraging education through entrepreneurial spirit. The allocations are awarded, for the current school year, to school service centres and school boards under the operating budget rules and based on the number of eligible educational institutions (schools and centres).


Volet 1 & 2 grants for Measure 15111 (Young Entrepreneurs) should be utilized to support students as they develop their spirit of entrepreneurship as well as different entrepreneurial values and qualities.


·   The goal of Measure 15111 is to enhance student-led initiatives and help students learn entrepreneurial skills within the current school year.

o   Measure 15111 can be applied to more than one student-led project at your school.

o   Your staff may use different tools and apply opportunities for learning to diverse groups in different contexts throughout the year. This money can support that work in your school, in your community, and the scope and impact can reach other school communities and groups.

·   Entrepreneurship skill development are critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication, team building, collaboration, presentation skills, leadership skills, community building and much more.

·   All purchases must be submitted before June 1st and all materials must be received before July 1st every year.


Measure 15111 funding may be used for the following:

·   Any materials that support students in the development of their entrepreneurship spirit at your school.

·   Teamwork materials: paint, paper, markers, pens, notepads, etc. This list is varied and dependent on the project(s), teams, and their components.

·   Food and snacks: i.e., for meetings, trips, and events

·   Field trips; bussing, entrance fees, etc.

·   Fairs or events; books, bouncy castles, arts, physical activity events, cultural, etc.

·   Guest speakers

·   Release time for school staff to participate and coordinate the projects

·   Mailings

·   Printing

·   Rental equipment and facilities

·   Professionals: animators, technology (sound and lights), journalists, artists, performers, etc.

·   Equipment purchase: sound, lights, athletic, arts, music, electrical, gardening tools and greenhouse equipment, insects (i.e., bees), water bottle holders, or infrastructure enhancement at your school community, etc.

·   Clothing and promotional materials: t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, socks, pinnies, banners, flags, water bottles, bags, etc.

·   Presentation materials

·   Subscriptions; i.e., media platforms or apps that support student communication, productivity and success.

·       Events and activities that include other schools and groups.