Workshops, Team Trainings, and Presentations.

Spiritual Animation: School Assemblies


Anxiety & Stress

  • Identifying stress and strategies to help manage anxiety while building healthy routines, self-esteem, relationships, and habits.

    • Different presentations for both students and parents.

Bully Prevention

  • Receive insight and training to help students explore issues related to inclusiveness, bystanderism, and relationships. Help students to safely engage as they learn to identify, prevent and respond to bullying appropriately.

Coping With COVID

  • Check-In Cafe

  • Support for students to develop positive self care, mental, physical, and emotional health

  • Identify and support digital bully prevention

  • Support life and learning in the bubble

  • Dealing with grief (one on one with a student experiencing loss)

Our School Survey - Feedback

  • A student feedback session for students to explore the Our School Survey results and identify concerns and good things at their school.

Screen Time

  • Screen Smart program.

  • Providing tools to help students manage and balance screen time with responsibilities, relationships and develop healthy habits and activity.

Self-Care & Community-Care

  • Providing tools for staff and students to take care of their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Sensitivity Trainings (various)

  • Autism awareness, addressing racism, building positive relationships with self and others.

  • Generate an understanding and empathy.

  • Develop tools to help foster an inclusive environment.

Transition to High School

  • Help for grade 6 students as they prepare for junior high school and address some of their questions, fears, and anxieties.