Workshops, Team Trainings, and Presentations.

Spiritual Animation: School Assemblies

We Are Here To Support You!

Flexible, adaptive, and integrated into what you are already doing.

Cheryl, Dominic or Daniel will work with you and your team to understand your idea, dream and needs to help support student success and a positive and inclusive school climate.

We will work together to respect COIVD-19 bubbles and measures at your school.

Adventurous Journeys (trips), citizenship opportunities, varied cross-curricular initiatives, and student mentorship can be a part of an ongoing strategy or progression.


  • We work with students directly within your class or as a school assembly from elementary to senior high.

  • We adapt to work one on one, with small groups, teams, classes, grades, or address your school.


  • Workshops can take different forms and durations from 30 minutes to multiple sessions covering a diverse range of topics.


  • Workshops generally include powerpoint instruction, modeling, experience training, reflections and assessments.

  • You can also join us on a retreat, group project, or at the student leadership SUMMIT.


  • We support staff to develop ECAs or cross-curricular initiatives.

  • We work to recognize students as they progress through leadership programs and contribute positively to their school community.


  • Helen Morrison, Equipe promotion-prévention scolaire, Direction de Santé Publique, Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Laval supports workshops with Cheryl and Daniel related to student physical health and well-being in Laval.