Workshops, Team Trainings, and Presentations.

Spiritual Animation: School Assemblies

We work to support your school's leadership program and adapt to your needs and students to strengthen your programs on your schedule.


Training for leaders to develop skills and competencies for continued success.

Support school life and ECAs.

Support citizenship opportunities.

Help teams develop mission, vision, and practices.

Arundel - Day Camps

  • We host students for leadership development through experiential learning at SWLSB's Arundel Nature and Science Centre for a day of team building, communication, creative and critical thinking.

Digital Skill & Communication Training

  • Helping student use technology to safely explore and gather information, transmit ideas, and generate community.

Effective Teams & Teamwork Training

(Applicable to sport teams, arts, councils, committees, clubs, etc.)

The difference between a good team and great team is in the details...

We will work with your group to help foster unity, trust, and teamwork.

  • Explore roles, responsibilities, and accountability within the team

  • Building relationships; time, trust, investment, consistency, acceptance, unity

  • Communication and collaboration

  • Developing resiliency and a growth mindset

  • Team building

  • Captain's Training - acquire the skills to lead a small group

  • Understanding how attitude determines outcomes

  • Building vision and mission


  • Connect with business and philanthropic leaders in support of developing an entrepreneurial mindset, essential business skills and foster community development.

  • Present your business plan to the director of Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey and receive constructive feedback.

  • Supporting the OSEntreprendre grants and student led initiatives.

Leadership Training

We work to support your school's leadership program and adapt to your needs, students and strengthen your programs on your schedule.

  • How to build a team

  • Growing a weaknesses into a strength & Using failure as fuel for success

  • Making a meaningful plan that can work: Plan, prepare, practice, execute, analyse, adapt

  • Communication: speaking, writing, listening skill development

  • Teamwork skills development

  • Develop tools to foster a growth mindset

  • Drafting your model of leadership

  • Authentic leadership

  • Servant leadership

  • Assessing a community needs

  • Management 411: self, time, tasks, information, teams.

  • Setting priorities: short term, long term, and never term goals

  • Diversity & delegation

....and much more is available on this website.

  • Program Offer

  • Empower grade 5 and 6 students to care for and lead other students in healthy activity in the playground throughout the school year.

  • Critical thinking, communication, planning, problem solving, adapting, overcoming challenges, collaboration, and much more.

Public Speaking 101

  • Finding your voice and using it in meaningful and coherent ways using different mediums.

  • Broaden bilingual skills.

  • Ask good questions and listen effectively.

  • The art of an effective wordsmith.

  • Generate your presence.

  • Support and strength communication competencies in cross-curricular and ECA environments.


  • Meet leaders in a variety of STEM careers about different challenges and opportunities.

  • Partner with innovative projects in technology, health sciences, coding, emerging markets and more.

Student Council Training

  • Introduction to roles and responsibilities

  • Introduction to quorum and procedures (Robert's Rules of Order)

  • Generating effective teamwork - Form A Representative Council

  • Campaigns, voting and scrutineers

  • Smarte planning

  • Exchange of ideas in a positive environment for constructive solutions

  • Accountability and self-management: follow through and follow up

  • Learning to create meaningful and successful outreach

  • Letter writing and approaching businesses for sponsorship

  • 101 fundraising ideas