SWLSB Secondary Student Leadership Certificate


Get the training and tools to lead.

LEADERSHIP is taking initiative to make a difference while enabling others to do the same.

You can change your class, your school, your community, your team, and the world...

We can show you how!

What is the SWLSB Secondary Student Leadership program?

We believe that every student is capable of performing at the highest level academically, we want to ensure they have the core skills to succeed in life.

We are developing students who are capable of leading, collaborating, learning, and contributing in all areas of their lives.

Your personal leadership journey...

The SWLSB Secondary Student LEADERSHIP Certificate program is designed to give you the training, skills, coaching, and experiences necessary to grow as an effective and successful student and leader.

The certificate program is an after school program (1 hour per week) that supports what you are already doing in your classroom, school, team, home, or in your community.

Learn from engaging and challenging training sessions. Experience leadership in a new way, on a timeline that works for you.

You can change the world... we can show you how!

How to join.

Follow Ascend Leadership:

Participate, Learn, Lead, and Grow.

Participate in training every Wednesday 7-8pm and work at your own speed with support.

Together, we will build your 'Leadership CV' and you will receive your certification in June at the annual Model the Way Honours.

*Ceremonies and in person groups, training and events are subject to your own health and safety measures and all current COVID-19 protocols as determined by the Direction de Santé publique and the Ministry of Education of Québec.

In order to recieve the SWLSB Secondary Student Leadership Certificate the participant must adhere to the following:

  • Be in good standing with academics and behaviour at their school.

  • Be a part of a leadership team or club in their school or community.

  • Actively participate in the weekly session for 80% of the time since enrollment.

  • Certificates are given in June at the annual Model The Way Honours.

What are the certificates?

SECONDARY 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5

1 Year of Participation - CORE Certificate

2 Years of Participation - Navigator Certificate

3 Years of Participation - Bronze Medallion

4 Years of Participation - Silver Medallion

5 Years of Participation - Gold Medallion

Your training, materials, coaching and other supports will be available through Google Classroom.

You work at your own pace.

Complete the criteria.


  • Ongoing personal growth assessment.

  • Training Sessions - Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

  • Participate in your local school and community events.

  • Active mentor relationship.

  • Demonstrate competencies in collaboration, critical thinking, communication, innovation & problem solving, information management.

  • Build and add to your CV to open doors to reach your post-secondary goals (CEGEP, careers, etc.)

What will you learn?


You will learn and demonstrate a mastery of these skills over time as you take on new responsibilities and work toward a new set of exciting and challenging goals.



November 2022 & May 2023

Director for a Day is an opportunity for emerging leaders to practice their interview skills and to learn about leadership in the real world.

Students have the opportunity to shadow Mme Nathalie Charron who is the Director of Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey.

One student will be selected through an application and interview process.

  • The selected student will participate in staff meetings.

  • Management decisions and work through daily operations.

  • Students will also attend a board meeting.

There are two Director for a Day opportunities each year.

The SWLSB Secondary Student Leadership Certificate is a Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board program is deigned to enable students as they develop the confidence, tools, competencies, and skills to be successful at the highest levels in all areas of their lives.

Spiritual Care and Guidance, and Community Involvement Animators, facilitate and support a variety of student leadership programs.