Get the training and tools to lead.

LEADERSHIP is taking initiative to make a difference


enabling others to do the same.

What is this program?

Your personal leadership journey...

The SWLSB Secondary Student LEADERSHIP Certificate program is designed to give you the training, skills, coaching, and experiences necessary to grow as an effective and successful student and leader.

The certificate program supports what you are already doing in your classroom, school, team, home, and in your community.

Learn from engaging and challenging training sessions. Experience leadership in a new way, on a timeline that works for you.

You can change the world... we can show you how!

How to join.

Step 1: Join & participate with a leadership group:

  • Join a leadership group or team at your school (grades 7-11).

        • You can participate within a class or with community organizations like Cadets, sports teams, art group, youth group, etc.

  • This certificate program is FREE. (Trips and activities that you choose to participate, at school, within the SWLSB, or with outside organizations may have a related costs.)

Step 2: REGISTER HERE. Follow our Instagram or Facebook feeds for the latest info!

Step 3: Participate, Learn, Lead, and Grow.

Participate in training every Wednesday 7-8pm and work at your own speed with support.

Together, we will build your 'Leadership CV' and receive your certification in June at the annual Model the Way Honours.

*Ceremonies and in person groups, training and events are subject to your own health and safety measures and all current COVID-19 protocols as determined by the Direction de Santé publique and the Ministry of Education of Québec.

What are the certificates?

SECONDARY 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5

Your training, materials, coaching and other supports will be available through Google Classroom.

You work at your own pace.

Complete the criteria.


  • Ongoing personal growth assessment.

  • Training Sessions - Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

  • Participate in your local school and community events.

  • Active mentor relationship.

  • Demonstrate competencies in collaboration, critical thinking, communication, innovation & problem solving, information management.

  • Record citizenship hours.

  • Build and add to your CV to open doors to reach your post-secondary goals (CEGEP, careers, etc.)

What will you learn?


Upcoming experience; Oct. 2021.


OCTOBER 21-23, 2021

Join student leaders from across Canada for a leadership experience like no other!


The SWLSB Secondary Student Leadership Certificate is a Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, leadership program to enable students to develop the confidence, tools, competencies, and skills to be successful in the classroom and beyond.

Spiritual Care and Guidance, and Community Involvement Animators, facilitate and support a variety of student leadership programs.