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A brief history of Ascend Leadership and Advanced Student Leadership in print, on radio, and on television at home and around the world.

Une brève histoire du leadership étudiant avancé dans les médias écrits, à la radio et à la télévision à la maison et dans le monde.



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Lead From The Front

It's not often that a group of students can have a deeply profound impact on individuals, their community and a nation, but you as Advanced Student Leadership alumni, students and parents have done the remarkable.

Advanced Student Leadership reaches all the way from our school to the halls of our government to the streets of our neighborhoods and half way around the world.

Below are just a few moments of the ASL recorded history that have laid our foundation as we move forward from 2008.

A snapshot of 36 news stories on television, on radio and in print about Advanced Student Leadership as told in local, national and international media:

Suburban Laval 2019 (MODEL THE WAY HONOURS):

CITY TV - Breakfast Television Montreal 2019 (Sam Beldie - Autism Awareness):

Global News 2019 (TEDx Youth Laval):

Laval News 2019 (SUMMIT):

Suburban Laval 2019 (SUMMIT):

CITY TV - Breakfast Television Montreal 2019 (SUMMIT):

Laval News 2018 (TEDx Youth Laval):

Suburban News Laval 2018 (TEDx Youth Laval):

CITY TV - Breakfast Television Montreal 2018 (Raise Craze - Pink In The City):

Global Montreal 2018 - Terry Fox Elementary, Leadership Club:

Laval News 2018 (Hockey Day in Laval):

Edmonton Journal 2018 (Hockey Day in Laval):

CITY TV - Breakfast Television Montreal 2017 (Raise Craze - Pink In The City):

National Post & in all major and regional newspapers across Canada 2013 (3PPCLI Partnership, Leadership and Citizenship Benchmark):

Suburban Laval (Hockey Day & Leadership articles):




NHK Network in Japan, national news - Stop A Bully 2013 (Bully Prevention): Fallen Canadian Soldier Inspires Montreal School To Adopt Regiment.

Global TV Montreal and National 2013 (Silver Cross Mother):


CBC TV National 2013 (Silver Cross Mother):


CTV NATIONAL 2013 (Silver Cross Mother 20:00 min):

CJAD Montreal Radio 2013 (Silver Cross Mother):

ASLeaders receive the Quebec's Lt-Governors Medal 2013 (Leadership):

CTV Montreal, Hockey Day in Laval 2011:

CBC Radio, Home Run, Montreal 2011:

When Shaun Perrier was in grade 11 he changed our world in 2011 (Autism Awareness):

A) CTV Montreal:

B) Montreal Gazette:

#22 Benoit St. Amand - Canadian Paralympian, winner of gold and bronze medals and a World Champion sledge hockey player inspires our young people in 2010:

Montreal Gazette:

CBC Homerun:

Gazette Montreal November 2008:

Courrier Laval (Leadership, and the Beginning):



Remembrance Day special - News - CBC Player -.avi