Leaving Tread Marks

Learning to lead and stories from the trail.




Welcome to the journey! (6:46 min)

Daniel Johnson and David Rossi outline how Advanced Student Leaders are Leaving Tread Marks as they take ownership of our world.

ASLeaders changing the world. (7:51)

Join grade 11 student, Huda, as she learns more about Ahmed, a fellow ASLeader, who has worked with refugees coming into Canada and gave an inspirational TEDx Youth Laval talk last spring.

Evelyne walks with global trailblazers! (10:01)

Evelyn spent time with women who are leading the way in the global IT community. 

Join her as she interviews Trish following a 'Women in IT' conference held at Insight Canada in Montreal, Quebec.

Suzanne Gagliese, Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft 

Dee Ann Lama, Vice President Sales, Cisco 

Trish O’Keeffe, Senior Manager, Insight Canada Inc. 

Jenny Dho, Vice President Sales, WSP Global

Alexia finds out why Pierce shaved his head for breast cancer. (3:33)

Grade 6 students at Souvenir Elementary, Alexia and Pierce, have been on a journey learning about how an alumni started a breast cancer charity called Pink In The City. 

At our MUHC hospital fundraiser for Pink In The City, called Raise Craze, Pierce shaved his head. Alexia finds out why... 

What does it take to lead a student body? Part 1 (13:50)

Leo talks with Huda, who is a Laval Senior Academy's Student Council representative, and Vanessa, who is an ASLeadership alumni and President of the Vanier College, Student Association.

All three are learning about using leadership opportunities to help others. 

Episode 6: LIVE from Raise Craze - Turning compassion into action! (15:29)

Live from Pink In The City's (PitC) annual fundraiser called Raise Craze.

Tiffany and Anastasia interview Elias, a fellow student, who shaved his head and became a PINK Champion!

Tiffany speaks with the founder of PitC, alumnus Lawrence Vourtzoumis.

Abegayle speaks with Dr. Karatzios about why he shaved his head.

Brandon spends time with breast cancer patient Deborah Bridgeman.

Pink In The City is a student created charity that supports the breast cancer clinic at our MUHC hospital and gives 100% of what is raised.

These ASLeaders attend Laval Junior Academy and Laval Senior Academy.

Episode 7: Olivia talks with her Dad about the military and family. (5:30)

Olivia's Dad served 30 years in the Canadian Armed Forces in different capacities and on different deployments.

Being a military family is a different way of life. Olivia and Mr. Hebert give us a glimpse of some of the challenges and balance required when dedicated to service to our country. A reality for families in our school board. 

Episode 8: Alexia talks with Captain Kimball about Remembrance Day and leadership. (12:13)

Captain Kimball is a leader that has served overseas, serves with PPCLI, and he oversees training at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Alexia is in grade 6 at Souvenir Elementary school and she has helped to oversee her schools’ Remembrance Day ceremonies. 

Episode 9: Tahira, Grade 10, talks with veteran broadcaster Kelly Alexander to explore life on air. (18:07)

Kelly Alexander is an alumni who  has interviewed everyone from Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga to Canadian music sensation Serena Ryder. Kelly is the host of the successful Kelly Alexander Show podcast and YouTube shows and you can hear her on Montreal's' Virgin Radio and CJAD radio stations.

Tahira is a grade 10 Advanced Student Leader at Laval Senior Academy and she got to sit down with Kelly to explore life and what it takes to be a broadcaster.

Episode 10: Anastasia, Tiffany, and Pierce talk about leadership with Brigadier-General M. Wright. (9:27)

Brigadier-General Wright is the Chief of Staff for Canadian Forces Intelligence Command. He took some time to talk about leadership with our Advanced Student Leaders in elementary, junior and senior high school at the PPCLI (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa on November 11, 2018.

Travel with McCaig and Souvenir Elementary schools to WE Day in Ottawa. (9:20)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made an impression Pierce. Lizzie Velasquez helped to inspire leaders to change their perspective in order to find a healthy and balanced worldview.

Join our emerging leaders in grade 5 and 6 as they travel to Ottawa’s WE Day and hear a little about what they are learning as they journey on their leadership path.

2018 TEDx Youth Laval Press Conference (9:10)

Journey with Anastasia and Michaela as they speak with 2018 presenters as students host their press conference for the 2019 season.

Young people are sharing ideas that are important to them through the TEDx Youth Laval platform. For us, Tedx Youth is a bilingual collaboration that helps emerging leaders find their voice!

Episode 14: Hockey IQ with Hockey Concentration legend #21 Mike (18:17)

Massiomo and Antoine explore what it takes to be a complete hockey player with alumni and legend Mike Cuccinotta.

Student-Athletes Massimo, who is in grade 6 at Souvenir Elementary, and Antoine, who is in grade 10 at Laval Senior Academy spent some time at the rink with Mike to talk about life, development, and doing what it takes to be successful.

Mike is a Hockey Concentration alumni and has now graduated from McGill University where he continues to coach with the McGill University hockey team. 

Mike shares his passion for the game and leadership as a coach with Terry Fox Elementary and Souvenir Elementary. 

Episode 15: Going Deep with 2016 Grey Cup Champion SCOTT MACDONELL (53:17min)

Walk with student-athletes Giuliano and Nicolas from Laval Senior Academy as they chat with 2016 Grey Cup Champion SCOTT MACDONELL about life, football, failure and the path to success. 

They talk about the journey that took Scott from losing a Grey Cup to winning one.

Scott shares some stories as he actively thinks through and working on life’s challenges all the way to the CFL and beyond.

Hear about how character is revealed through struggles and how the strength of a Mom who survived cancer twice can set the example to push beyond limitations.

Be the answer to what’s needed! 

 “Leadership is taking initiative to make a difference and inspiring others to do the same.”

Episode 16: Tim McAuliffe's tracks from Jimmy Fallon to HOLLYWOOD! (17:44min)

Join Tahira and Brandon as they meet Tim McAuliffe who is an award winning writer and producer of television shows like Corner Gas, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Jimmy Fallon, The Office and many more.

Tim share his insights about the writing process and how he became a writer for some of the best shows on TV. 

Tim also shares with us how successful leadership skills take shape behind the scenes in Hollywood.

Tim McAuliffe – IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1635723/

Tahria and Brandon are Advanced Student Leaders in grade 10 at Laval Senior Academy. 

This interview was recorded LIVE as a part of the 2019 Advanced Student Leadership SUMMIT.

Episode 17: A Servant’s Heart in Haiti (21:16)

Caught in a political crisis facing Haiti that took over during her 2019 visit, Katherine and her team had to find a way to return home safely in the growing unrest that swept the country. 

Jennifer and Emily from Laval Senior Academy are joined by Abegayle from Laval Junior Academy spent some time with Katherine O’Neil who is a nurse that travels to places and to people who need help and support.

Katherine obtained her DEC in Nursing from Vanier College and a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Trent University, Ontario. She began her nursing career in 1988 at the Montreal General and Catherine Booth Hospitals. In 2007, Katherine entered the field of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. She has always had a passion for humanitarian work and in a recent visit to Haiti, had the opportunity to help with the needs of that community. 

Recorded live at the 2019 Advanced Student Leadership SUMMIT.

Episode 18: Creating an ALL ACCESS LIFE! (21:18)

Dan O’Connor and Bradley Heaven are changing the game for people with disabilities through their company called All Access Life. Jennifer and Emily from Laval Senior Academy are joined by Abegayle from Laval Junior Academy to find out more. 

Bradley was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. I've been working alongside Brad for the past 10 years as his aide. Over the years we've built a very unique and everlasting friendship. Since Bradley is non-verbal we have our own way of communicating with his eye movements and body gestures. 

However, Bradley also uses technology to communicate with the use of switches located on both sides of his head as well as an eye tracker. Over the years we've seen the amazing effects technology has had on his life. He's already accomplished so much at his young age and has the technology to thank because of it. However, we've noticed how fast technology comes and goes, making it difficult to keep up with the current (sometimes superior) gadgets. Our goal is to create a website that updates the latest trends and movements in accessible technology, apps, and general information. 

Recorded live at the 2019 Advanced Student Leadership SUMMIT.


Episode 19: WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO LEAD? (13:27)

Kayla, Zoey, Julia, and Kierra are grade 6 student leaders at Morin Heights Elementary. These emerging leaders took some time to share stories about some of the things that they have done this year in their school community.

Leadership is a challenge that requires taking risks, serving others, and seeking out opportunities. These exceptional young leaders share their thoughts on the essential qualities that make great leaders as they look toward the future. 

Episode 20: Hey! –Expect the unexpected.

Apo Li Kali is an international recording artist who graduated from our schools. Abegayle, Michaela and Huda are student leaders who wanted to know what the journey has been like for Apo from the classroom, to recording studio, to the world stage.




CMP: https://www.facebook.com/CowboyMeetsP... 


Episode 21: A President, an Entrepreneur, a Lawyer, and an Innovator!

Alejandro, Siena, Jessica, Kierra, and Andy are student leaders in grade 5 and 6 at Jules Verne Elementary School. They spent some time getting to know Ms. Diana Roy who is a lawyer and the president of Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey.

Ms. Roy is also a lawyer and entrepreneur who has spent her life building green strategies at home and in her community. 

Our student leaders wanted to know how she has made a difference in her community of the years and what it takes to lead. 

Podcast episodes to engage and inspire!

LEAVING TREAD MARKS  is a platform for students to engage in the world around them in a meaningful way.

Join ASLeaders as they walk in the shadow of today's leaders.

Learn with us as ASLeaders do incredible things to have a positive impact while connecting what they are learning in the classroom to the 'real' world.

Podcast episodes to engage and inspire!

LEAVING TREAD MARKS  is a platform for students to engage in the world around them in a meaningful way.

Join ASLeaders as they walk in the shadow of today's leaders.

Learn with us as ASLeaders do incredible things to have a positive impact while connecting what they are learning in the classroom to the 'real' world.