We know that words without actions are meaningless.

We know that actions without understanding are empty.

We know that inaction is impossible.

"We do not go where the path may lead.

We go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

CALENDARS - Elementary, Junior & Senior


Advanced Student Leadership (ALS) invests in young people. The ASL program provides training and opportunities that impart knowledge, pursue passions, and transfer responsibilities from adults to emerging leaders for a better world - now! ASLeaders are part of a learning community that is generating positive ripples of hope. ASL serves over 7000 students in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

This website is a work space for Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board student leaders from grade 5 to grade 11.

We are building connections to enhance our collective 'leadership IQ', support diverse teams, engage in active volunteerism, and to foster collaborations that transform lives.

On this site you will find:



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How do Advanced Student Leaders gain the skills to lead?

ASL is 21st Century learning that connects classroom knowledge with real world experience for students in grades 5 to 11. We work hard to open doors of opportunity for young people to grow as leaders from elementary to junior high to senior school and return as alumni mentors.

ASLeaders receive training and opportunities to lead teams that plan, prepare, communicate, set objectives and work cooperatively to achieve those objects.

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Engaging the next generation of leaders:

FORBES ARTICLE – July 11, 2018

How To Hire The Right People To Help Your Organization Succeed: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sallypercy/2018/07/11/how-to-hire-the-right-people-to-help-your-organization-succeed/

Connect the Classroom

ASLeaders use skills and competencies learned in the classroom to SMARTE plan, enhance their communication skills by engaging in our bilingual community, incorporate technology, and enhance their understanding of course material through meaningful experiences.

Make learning, make sense.

Enhance Leadership Skills

ASLeaders are busy! Students work on teams that are aligned with their interests as they are learning how to plan, prepare, execute, and evaluate.

ASLeaders manage their time, resources, talents, weaknesses, develop situational awareness, emotional intelligence, identify and overcoming challenges, analyse, evaluate, and adjust to enable others and to generate success.

90% of a leader's work is dedicated to caring for people, planning, preparing, and evaluating.

Take Action

Authentic leaders serve their people. ASLeaders use their talents, intrests, and tools to make a positive difference in their world.

ASLeaders apply their knowledge, and leadership skills toward achieving positive and meaningful outcomes for things that they are passionate about. ASLeaders are active and engaged in our world.

10% of the work is the action being produced. Events and activities are the evidence of the work that has been completed.


When we are live, the link will be posted here and on the 'LIVE Events' page.

The 'about 5 minutes' podcasts!

Available EVERYWHERE that you get you podcasts!



Welcome to the journey! (6:46 min)

Daniel Johnson and David Rossi outline how Advanced Student Leaders are Leaving Tread Marks as they take ownership of our world.


If you think that you know what teenagers are up to - think again! (7:51)

Join grade 11 student, Huda, as she learns more about Ahmed, a fellow ASLeader, who has worked with refugees coming into Canada and he gave an inspirational TEDx Youth Laval talk last spring.


Pink In The City

Students are raising funds to open a new HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRE at the MUHC breast cancer clinic!

Raise Craze is on October 22, 2018


On October 22, 2018 heads will be shaved!

Hair will be cut!

We will stand up in an effort to create a new HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRE at the breast cancer clinic at the MUHC through Pink In The City.

Schools are invited to bring their grade 6 classes to the MUHC to see and to discover.

  • Meet Lawrence who started Pink In The City when he was in elementary school at Souvenir.
  • Hear from the doctors and the team to learn about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and healing.
  • Touch the equipment that Pink In The City has purchased for the breast cancer clinic.
  • Discover the new Health and Wellness Centre being planned.
  • See people taking action by having their Hair cut and heads shaved!
  • Learn about what happens to the hair that is donated directly from the wig makers.
  • Eat free waffles!

Be inspired to continue making a difference in your school and community!!

Pink In The City is a student created charity that supports our local breast cancer clinic at Montreal's McGill University Health Centre.


Field Trip to Ottawa

Permission Forms will be available at participating schools through your leadership teacher.


05:30 Meet at Laval Senior Academy

3200 souvenir for departure

(Tim Horton’s stop enroute – if time allows)

08:00- Arrive - Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel

Canadian War Museum’s OPERATION VETERAN event with schools from across Canada

This year’s (2018) educational topics will focus on the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War:


WWI: 100th Anniversary - Armistice, 11 November 1918 - subject: Last One Hundred Days Of The War: Dr Tim Cook

WWI: Canadian Nurses Association - to Honour their Sacrifices

WWI: ‘’ The Sinking of the Llandovery Castle, 1918 ‘’ : Nurses - Heroism. - presented by: The Study, Québec

WWI: Fallen to Remember

A) Sgt Hugh Cairns, VC, DCM; 46th Battalion (South Sask. Regiment) - last Canadian Victoria Cross awarded in WWI: KIA - 02 Nov 1918

B) Private George Lawrence Price; 28th Battalion (Sask. North West Regiment) - last soldier, British Commonwealth: KIA - 11 November 1918 at 10:58H.

WWI: ‘’ Two Minutes ‘’ song - composed and sung by students, George O’Neill Public School, Ontario. - subject: Why the two minutes …

WWII: 75th anniversary - Operation Husky: Mr Mark Zuehlke - subject: The Canadian Invasion of Sicily, July 10–August 7, 1943

10:15- CANADIAN NATIONAL CEREMONY as televised on all Canadian Television Networks

13:00 – Memorial Service with Veteran’s - PPCLI ASSOCIATION CEREMONY

Beechwood Cemetery: 761 Hemlock Rd Ottawa, ON K1K 0K6


16:00 Supper

Students will have supervised access to the Rideau Centre food court for supper.

Rideau Centre: 50 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9J7

19:30-20:00 (depending on traffic)

Return for pick up at Laval Senior Academy


In early December 2018, female students who are interested in STEM careers will have the opportunity to attend an intimate conference with dynamic global leaders in the evening.

Details and the sign up will be posted through teachers.

In partnership with Insight.

ASLeaders interact with pioneers in their field

Insights and discussions that connect the classroom to the world stage.

Champion for Shoe Bank Canada

Terry Fox Elementary School's Leadership Club has collected over 300 pairs of shoes to help Shoe Bank Canada put shoes on Canadians in need.

The Leadership Club under the leadership of Ms. Sommer and Ms. Siokas have collected shoes that will be delivered to Shoe Bank Canada, a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to ensuring that no Canadian should want for a decent pair of shoes. The organization has distributed more than 40,000 pairs of shoes across Canada to date.

Special thanks to Fedex for sponsoring all of the shipping!!

January 2019

Leaders come together to learn and grow in order to lead.

At the 2018 MODEL THE WAY HONOURS celebration, 200 student leaders attending 7 different schools from grade 4 to grade 11 were honoured for their leadership and volunteerism at Cineplex Colossus.

We are grateful to our partners: Cineplex Colossus, Caisse Desjardins de Chomedey,

our Member of the National Assembly, Mr. Guy Ouellette and from Montreal's Virgin Radio and the Kelly Alexander Show, Kelly Alexander.



SPRING BREAK (March) 2019!

ASLeaders will be a part of a life changing experience as they learn about sustainability, participate in service with our BriBri partners at Akberie school, and live the Pura Vida life!

This trip is open to grade 10 and 11 students.

For more information on how you can join us please email: djohnson@swlauriersb.qc.ca


Our ASLeader's Tedx Youth Laval Talks will be available on the TED network this summer and posted here!



Tedx Youth Laval is a bilingual event giving voice and a platform for the next generation of leaders to engage in the global conversation.

Work to receive a leadership and citizenship award from a member of the Royal Family!


BROCHURE - click to download


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award!

EMAIL: asl@swlsb.ca for more info.


OP Veteran SOUP launch at Laval Senior Academy!

Students are using their Corner Store for good. The store is run by our WOTP program and supported by our Advanced Student Leadership and Learners Without Borders teams.

Every soup sold raises funds to provide warm meals to veterans through OPERATION VETERAN every day.

Thank you Dr. Kavanagh and the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.


We are creating a small 3D printed, LED light that is programmed to flash ‘Lest We Forget’ in Morse Code to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The lights will be for any and all Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Every night the lights will turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise as they are powered by solar batteries.

See the demo here: https://youtu.be/W7RQklCX5Go

Get involved by emailing here: lestweforgetlight@gmail.com

"The Advanced Student Leadership (ASL) program has been a part of me for the last number of years. The program has been a very important part of my personal and professional life.

As a Human Resources professional part of my responsibilities is interviewing candidates for vacant positions. At times, the need of the organization is to find eager, bright and talented young leaders that will learn, develop and grow. These candidates arise from their successful completion of post-secondary education and are generally graduates from the private-sector secondary school system.

The ASL program at Laval Senior Academy (LSA) directly competes with these private-sector schools and in many cases surpasses them. The life-skills that the ASL Alumni have gained provide them with an upper hand in the very competitive post-secondary education system.

In my private life, I have been a parent-volunteer to this program while my daughter attended LSA (Laval Liberty High School at that time) and even though my daughter graduated a few years ago, I remained part of the ASL family but now as a Consultant/Mentor. The life experiences that I have been exposed to though my association with the ASL is beyond words. To be able to be part of a family of so many great individuals with a common thread (developing our youth to become exceptional leaders) has been, and continues to be, an incredible feeling of accomplishment. I am forever grateful to the ASL family."

George Papathanasopoulos

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