Mémorial de l'héritage Corporal François (Franck) Dupéré 

 Corporal François (Franck) Dupéré Legacy Memorial

A memorial under construction by Canada's students for the next 100 years.

Dedicated to the memory of all our daughters and sons.

November 11, 2023    -    November 11, 2123

Student leaders are building a memorial that will travel to schools across Canada for the next 100 years so that generations of young people can learn about fallen soldiers in their community and add their names and stories to the Corporal François (Franck) Dupéré Legacy Memorial.

“Il y a deux façons de voir ce qui m’est arrivé. J’ai encore un bras pour serrer mes enfants et j’ai encore un œil pour les voir grandir. Avec un œil, je peux voir tout ça autour de moi. C’est assez, je n’en ai pas besoin de deux.”


"There are two ways of looking at what happened to me. I still have one arm to hold my children and I still have one eye to watch them grow up. With one eye, I can see everything around me. That's enough, I don't need two."

Cpl Franck-Dupéré

The Service of Cpl Dupéré 


A native of Sept-Îles, Cpl Dupéré enlisted in the Reserve Forces on January 23, 1997, within the 4th Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment. Following his recruit course, he carried out various training within the unit. In the fall of 2001, he participated in the rise of 2 R22 e R with a view to being deployed with the unit in ex-Yugoslavia during Operation PALLADIUM.

Once back home, he rejoined the 4 R22 e R and was assigned to the 4 e Intelligence Company in Montreal. In the spring of 2007, he once again participated in the rise of 3 R22 e R in order to be deployed to Afghanistan with the psychological operations section. He will return to the country in March 2008.

He participated in his second mission in Afghanistan in spring 2011. On April 12 of the same year, during a patrol, his platoon was targeted by a suicide bomber who blew himself up near him. Cpl Dupéré will be seriously injured and evacuated by helicopter, then transferred to Landshul, Germany. He spent the next three months hospitalized.

He will return to 4 R22 e R once his rehabilitation is completed and will continue his career until his release from the Canadian Armed Forces on February 1, 2015, after 18 years of service. After his release, Cpl Dupéré gave several conferences on resilience and acceptance to his brothers in arms as well as the general population.

Cpl Dupéré was the father of two children, Noémie and Anthony.


November 11, 2023    -    November 11, 2123

The First Presentation of the Memorial


Pierce Schaefer, (LTM)

November 11, 2023

The First Presentation, Operation Remembrance, Ottawa

"In recognition of Canadian soldiers who have died while serving Canada; who are shining examples of courage and service for the generations to come. We seek to recognize and be generational witnesses of the soldiers who possess characteristics that Corporal Dupéré emulated.

Below are the values and words that describe the life and fighting spirit of Cpl Dupéré. The names that will be added to this Memorial over the next 100 years by students across Canada are to record and share the story of the women and men who have given so much for all of us.

These are the lessons that Corporal Dupéré has taught us. Lessons that transcend one person and one generation. 





Let us learn from the soldiers from communities across Canada to expand our knowledge, to use these lessons from their lives and experiences to build a better country and world.

Names of local soldiers who died while serving Canada will be added to this Memorial by students who will then pass the Memorial to other students from coast to coast to coast until the Memorial is complete by November 11, 2123. 

Every school that receives the Corporal Dupéré Legacy Memorial will become the Custodians and Contributors until they have added their soldier’s name and pass the Memorial to another school.


In order for this memorial to be completed by 2123, we will need a trans-generational partner to pass this torch to the generations to come. "  - Pierce Schaefer, 2023




We are working to establish partnerships with organizations that can help us move, house and help the future generations of students continue to build the Corporal François (Franck) Dupéré Legacy Memorial.

SWLSB Students establishing the Cpl Franck Dupéré Memorial: Pierce Schaefer, Sean Esdon, Emma Laflamme, Nelith Sirigire, Caterina Arena-Saia and SWLSB Sec. Student Leadership Certificate Program.